IN2ZYM is a Danish company specializing in nutritional products aimed at a healthy and active lifestyle.
Not all nutritional products or supplements are equally good. Thus, the purity, composition and feasibility of different versions of the same commodity or the same active substance vary widely depending on how it is manufactured.
Our mission has always been to offer scientifically well-founded nutrition products with a unique composition and high level of safety for quality, opacity and effect.


IN2ZYM must be the leading supplier of healthy and effective nutrition products for athletes and athletes in Denmark.


IN2ZYM develops, produces and markets healthy and efficient nutrition products made from high quality raw materials.


Our values
– Our products must promote the health of our customers.
– We offer our customers the best service in the market.
– We only use raw materials of the highest quality.
– Our products must be among the healthiest and most effective.
– We seek as far as possible the impact, safety and quality of our products.
– We keep our promises.

What do our customers say?

Like everyone else with a goal of losing weight, I would prefer the “easiest” way. Using Bio Factor is not the easy way or solution, but it’s a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. I have used creatine before I got recommended Bio Factor, and was so happy for the switch, because my burn could get better, and that the muscle mass became bigger.

I’m got rid of the accumulation of water in my body that creatin give, so really a good change, even though the prices were something else. By switching to your products, I also get rid of unclean skin, which I’m sure your purity in the products was a major cause to.

I often use the Bio Factor in my shake with Isolight to get it all, and really a supplement I’ve been and still am very happy about.

– Kristoffer Hansen

I have during a course of training where my intention was to lose weight, used your Isolight protein powder and creatine for better combustion and not to get sore muscles, as well as faster recovery.

Right now I’m on my last pouch of Performance because after my weight loss I’m building muscle mass again. I have been really satisfied with all the products.

In addition, other products give me a feeling of being bloated and heavy after ingestion and this is not the case with In2zym.

In addition to that, I sometimes drank your energy drink, which is super fantastic and fresh in taste, as well as consuming your protein bars that taste amazing.

– Henrik Jensen

Throughout my many years as a top boxer, I’ve tested almost all products on the market, also trying to save money, but have come back to Performance and Biofactor from In2zym every single time.

I will no longer give my body anything else but the the best.

I am 47 years old and recently I beat the world record in pushups on the knuckles for a minute with 92 reps. When people ask how I can still do this, the answer is clear: because I use Performance, that has an incredible effect on my ability and can strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to use the best on the market.

– Leon Holbæk (former professional boxer, and danish champion)